Legend Of Korra Creator Reveals Korrasami Art To Be Sold For LGBTQ Suicide Prevention

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    • Pewpewla
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    So....the 2 women who fell in love with the same man ended up to love each other.........i kinda approve this  xD

    • johnPooh
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    I'm not liking the fact that Korra is starting to look like the "guy" of their relationship, in this art and in many fanarts,that goes with the usual connotation of lesbian(or gay) couples. They're both great ladies, would have loved to see them depicted as such.

    • MsDalfo
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    Hey, someone has to be the big spoon.

  1. Yeah, I feel you on that. Honestly, I think Asami is an A+ power bitch, and I think Korra's able to be much more vulnerable around her. I also think Asami would find a lot of happiness in that too, in Korra trusting her enough to let down her walls and maybe be a bit scared and small. 

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