Smallville's John Schneider Dislikes Man Of Steel's Jonathan Kent


It’s not easy being Jonathan Kent.

Even after sacrificing himself in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, Superman’s adopted father is catching flack from, well, Superman’s adopted father. John Schneider, who played Jonathan Kent in the Superman prequel series Smallville, recently spoke ill of The Man of Steel’s interpretation of the famed Kansan, played by Kevin Costner.

While speaking on The Tony Tone Show on Vintage Sound 93.1, Schneider disapproved of Mr. Kent’s parenting methods for Kryptonian refugees. Below, here’s what he had to say.

“I love Kevin, and I love what Kevin does. But I didn’t care for one scene in there, where Jonathan was advising Clark to do something that was self-serving, it was tell a lie, I can’t remember exactly what it was. I think Jonathan Kent is the best dad perhaps ever depicted on television. And I don’t mean my work, I just mean the man I was fortunate enough to play. He was a great father, and I don’t think the one in Man of Steel was a great father. He had some flaws that don’t belong in a comic book. I really had wished that had been me.”

It seems like Schneider is referring to the scene in Man of Steel when Jonathan tells Clark that, maybe, he shouldn’t have saved a schoolbus of children and risked exposing his special abilities. While Schneider’s Kent wasn’t always Father of the Year, he kind of has a point.

You can hear Schneider’s discussion at the 5:00 mark.

What do you think? Was Costner’s Jonathan Kent an unfit mentor for the fledgling Superman? Discuss your parental preferences below.

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    • _L0Bo_
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    I don't blame him, MOS was hardly Ironman anyways. Too dark no humor, not what a Superman movie should be, just your average superhero movie and Superman needs to be so much more than that.

    Its a shame that movie is the start up to the DCCU.

  1. What he did in that movie felt very human. It was a realistic response. This is a man trying to decide the fate of both his son and the human race. No one knows how to make a decision like that, of course he wasn't sure. All he knew was that people probably couldn't handle the truth and it would put his son in danger, so yes, by all means, Clark should've lied about it. Maybe it's not in perfect morality but it's for the greater good.

    TL;DR:He's choosing between basic moral principles and the life of his son, of course he's going to lie for his son and make his son lie.

  2. I think that scene was worded in  a odd way but, I liked the intention of "as an ordinary man, I don't know what to do in such a extreme siuation". the diougle didn't match up with that intention so people misinterped that scene

  3. I think that John Schneider was a perfect Jonathan Kent :D

    • Eric
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    It's amusing that he makes these remarks HIS version was the same way he'll there are a few scenes where Martha has to remind him to show Clark support

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