Stephen Amell Pitched An Idea For An Arrow & Supernatural Fan Fiction Crossover


Stephen Amell was at Kansas City's Planet Comicon and he revealed that pitched a crossover idea involving CW's Arrow and Supernatural.

When a fan asked if Amell if he would ever appear on Supernatural, he revealed that he was already working on that. "I pitched an idea yesterday to the President of Warner Bros. TV Greg Berlanti, who runs Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, just did Pan - he's a genius - and Mark Pedowitz, who runs the CW," Amell said. "I pitched something called fan-fiction live. I pitched an idea where we would take Arrow and Supernatural and write a fan-fiction crossover episode and do a live-reading."

Stepen Amell shares his desire to work alongside Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester at the 20:46 mark in the video below.

Arrow returns with all new episodes Wednesday at 8/7c!

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    • _L0Bo_
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    I thought about this a couple of years ago, sweet he's on the same page.

    Why not, its all CW... also Vamp Diaries (also a DC comic) could cross with iZombie, Bitten cross with that too or Supernatural, its kinda endless and could make the CW Universe feel that much bigger and better.

    Heck, even The Flash could cross over with Reign or The 100 - okay maybe that's a lil far fetched an reaching lol.

  1. Just want to point out one flaw in that logic - The Vampire Diaries isn't a DC Comics-based TV show. TVD is just aired on the same network as Arrow and The FlashThe only TV shows that air on The CW that are based on DC Comics properties are Arrow, The Flash and iZombie

    • Zombulu
    • 1 Posts in 22 Months

    Can't happen. Supernatural is too close to Constantine, which is a real DC comics license. Plus Constantine got lots of easter eggs and cameo appearances. ( Doctor Fate's helmet in the library, He fights Felix Faust - a major DC universe sorcerer. ) which might hint that those guys are also planning spinoffs. I wouldn't be surprised to see Zatanna or Swamp thing in the future. That is, if ratings allow the show to avoid cancellation.

  2. Constantine will most likely, not be back. It was a very watered down version of the show and just about the only good thing about the show was Matt Ryan, who will hopefully play Constantine in the Dark Universe movie.

    • JHSpooky
    • 5 Posts in 22 Months

    No, but it is a tv-show based DC comic now, as somebody else mentioned... 

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