Jared Leto Snapchats His Joker Look In Suicide Squad


Jared Leto recently jumped on Snapchat and revealed his nearly fully formed Joker.

As you can see in the Snapchat screencap below (via Italian website BadTaste), you can see Leto sporting Joker’s green hair.

leto joker

The video is no longer on Snapchat, so we’re unable to reproduce the source.

Leto will play The Joker in Suicide Squad, opening August 5, 2016.



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  1. Not a bad shade. Can't wait to see all of these little pieces come together at once. Hopefully that happens soon. 

  2. He looks like he might be a very scary joker it gives me the chill I hope this movie will be the biggest comic book and kill marvill do you think it will be that crazy of a movie. 

  3. I do not understand the Marvel s DC mentality.  Why can't you like both?  #fanboys  #smh

    • Mekleo
    • 30 Posts in 29 Months

    you can,just don't pay attention to the DC/Marvel fanboys. That contest is only in their heads the rest of us just ignore the sillyness.

  4. 1) This is not from his snapchat. It's from an an app. tapatalk, and you can only get that if you have his contact no.

    2) Pretty s***y job of someone screencapping it and leaking it like that. He isn't even in his full makeup. If he wanted it out, he would've posted it directly over his social media.

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