Scott Snyder Confirms Shocking Ending In Batman #40 Is What It Looks Like

Batman 40

Warning: This article will definitely spoil the events of Batman #40.

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo wrapped up their big “Endgame” storyline in today’s Batman #40, and the issue’s ending has left many fans stunned.

The issue ended with a climactic battle between Batman and the Joker inside a cave containing a cure for the Joker’s plague. The two fought until near death and the Joker detonated the cave. Satisfied that he’d saved his city once again, Batman accepted his fate and the two were buried in the cave in.

The issue makes it seem like Batman and the Joker are both dead, and Snyder confirms that this is indeed the case.

“So what I'm saying is, yes, they're dead -- and they went into it ready to die; so there's no sort of trick to it,” Snyder tells IGN.

Of course, Snyder acknowledged that nobody really stays dead in superhero comics, and teases stories ahead.

“But, that said, if we didn't have a story that we really loved about where they're going to end up somehow, we wouldn't do it. You love the characters too much to do that to the fans. So yeah, just stay tuned.”


DC Comics is deep in Convergence right now, but we know that the when Batman #41 ships it will feature a mech-suit Batman with someone other than Bruce Wayne inside. This ending goes a long way towards explaining why that is.

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  1. Yeah..he is not dead for long. DC is not stupid enough to kill one of their biggest properties for long. Especially with Batman Vs Superman Coming. Bruce will be back and so will the Joker I am guessing. 

  2. He isn't one of their biggest properties. He is their biggest property.

    • sbag37
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    I'm just surprised they'd do it this soon after Batman RIP. Then again, did that even happen in New 52?

  3. Your 100% correct! 

  4. So is this going to be a regular thing at DC now? Every time a new writer comes to work on the Batman titles, they are going to kill him off? "It's the annual Death to Batman event!" I'm tired of DC doing crap like this. It is one thing to give Batman challenges and hardship but to take their biggest moneymaker and kill him off or beat him to the point of being useless is no longer fun to read.

    Personally, I feel that if anyone other than Bruce Wayne is wearing the cowl then it isn't Batman. I don't want to read about a fake Batman nor do I want to read about some stupid robo-rabbit Batman.

    It looks like I'll be saving a lot of money at the comic book store after I drop all of the fake-Batman books. Once DC comes to their senses and brings the real Batman back then I'll consider coming back.

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