Constantine Trending On Social Media, As Celebrities Pledge Support


Over the last couple days, several networks have announced the new shows that they have ordered to series, but the biggest story might well be about a show that was canceled.

On Friday, NBC became the sole network to cancel a comic book TV show. Once news of Constantine’s cancelation began to spread among the show’s devoted fan base, Constantine immediately began to trend on social media. By Friday night, Constantine had become the top trending topic on Facebook.


On Twitter, a number of celebrities voiced their support for the show, offering to guest star if another network picks it up. Stephen Amell, William Shatner, and Joseph Morgan all pledged to make guest appearances on a second season of Constantine. It should be noted that the aforementioned three celebrities account for approximately 5 million Twitter followers.

Ironically, none of the new shows picked up or other shows that were canceled appear to be generating as much buzz on social media as Constantine.

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  1. Hell I'll guest star if they bring the show back. 

  2. This show would find a real home on AMC or Netflix. 

  3. Grant Gustin also retweeted Shatner's Tweet about guest starring so I'd say he's a good candidate too.

  4. I'm not familiar with the first season, but I would totally watch it on Netflix. 

    • xBatz
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    I'd love to see Constantine and The Flash have a sarcastic conversation together.

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