Watch The Most Insane Marvel VS DC Animated Fan Film

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 5.43.28 PMThe odds of ever getting a Marvel/DC crossover on the big screen are close to zero, but that doesn't stop fans from fantasizing about it.

There's a whole cottage industry that does nothing but Marvel/DC crossover videos on the Internet, but mostly they're brief, often using found footage, and when not, many of them look pretty cheap.

YouTuber Saruhan Saral has posted a new, 10-minute-long animated video, tohugh, and it's pretty cool, as long as you're there more for the cool action beats than for characters acting like themselves.

Check it out below.

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    • _L0Bo_
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    This was awesome thumbs.

  1. Hey, Supey, your hope is on backwards.

    • Puggle
    • 17 Posts in 23 Months


  2. It was pretty fun. Half of the character interactions didn't make sense (why would Green Lantern take on Spider instead of Iron Man? And why wouldn't he win in 5 seconds? What was Superman doing that entire time? Why Luthor and Joker instead of heroes?Etc, etc.), but as a fan piece it was fun.

  3. LOL @ this Marvel-centric video. Hulk grabs hold of Flash? Cap can go 1:1 with WW? Yeah okay.

    Anyways, this is why Marvel & DC should remain separate. I've never really understood why people even want them mixed up together. Power level-wise, DC are vastly overpowered in comparison to Marvel, so it's not even a fair fight, & therefore not an interesting one.

    And, in order to attempt to make it a fair fight, people like this creator has to go to great lengths to make his favorite franchise look like a threat/challenge.

    Mixing Marvel & DC is like mixing Coke & Pepsi. One may prefer one or the other, or even both respectively, but who on earth really wants to drink both at the same time??

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