EXCLUSIVE: Revolution Chapter Two Debuts On ComicBook.com

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  1. Once again, awesome but too damn short!!!! I thought each of these was going to be longer. You're killing me people, just killing me. Can't wait for the next too short installment.

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    Oh god. I miss my show.  Loved it but so short.  Beggars can't be choosers though.  Thanks again writers, Jon Favreau and Kripke.  I wish we'd get a movie version of all 4 final comics.  Did I mention I miss my show?

  2. Awesome!!

    Can't wait for next chapter!

    god, two weeks again. :(

    Happy waiting~~

  3. So who's that with the gun to Aaron's head? Neville is still outside.

  4. I re-read issue one and two together and the story just flows so well. Its like I am watching a new episode in my mind's eye. The art is fantastic, save Neville who looks nothing like him. Nevertheles this is a great way to wind up the plotlines. I hope the comicbook series gets put together into a trade paperback format, or at least gets bundled together electronically. You guys could even throw in some interviews with the writers, pencillers and cast of the show. 

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