Superman Fights Wonder Woman In Justice League Movie Storyboard Art

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  1. So...... More Man of Steel then....

  2. Not really, since in the comics Wonder Woman snapped Maxwell Lord's neck after he mind controlled Superman and Superman was killing Batman thinking he was Brainiac. Maxwell is a mind control guy so Wonder Woman had to kill his brain function quickly so snapping his neck instantly did that. I don't get why they changed it to Batman though (probably because he is more popular).

    • Louis
    • 173 Posts in 31 Months I'm glad this film never happened. First off, Jay Baruchel as Maxwell Lord? Really? And I don't even want to consider Batman snapping someone's neck, especially with other ways to disable him. If you said that Wonder Woman was getting her ass handed to her by Superman and SHE killed Maxwell Lord or Green Arrow or someone else did it, that's one thing. Batman killing a guy for no good reason? Sheesh.

    • HartThorn
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    Yeah, it is an odd change, especially since the comics used it to make a point: Wonder Woman was the only soldier of the three. While she would try her best not to kill, she was far from anathema to the idea. And they did a fairly good job of establishing that she didn't have a lot of options.

    • MarkDtn9
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