Ben Affleck Explains How DC Movies Are Different Than Marvel Movies

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    • hanada
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    We've only seen one DDCU movie, I don't know if we can make that judgement call. Especially with how *edgy* tyat was.

  1. "Realistic" is a short way of saying "takes itself too seriously"

  2. I'd say DC has a looong way to go before they can compare their product to Marvel's.

  3. I don't know man , it seems so stupid talking about "realistic" when you have aliens,cyborgs, speedsters and mythological warriors in your movies.

    • Yiddo123
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    For me marvel films are good but can not compare with the story telling of the DC movies, the dark knight trilogy was told amazingly; the music, the cast, the plot; the whole thing was beyond epic. Compare that to the avengers 1 and 2 where 2 basically just used the same storyline as the first one. Also the first avengers movie at the end you could be forgiven for thinking your watching transformers 3 as it was nearly identical.

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