Momoa Says There Wont Be Any Aquaman Jokes After Batman V. Superman

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

During his panel at Fan Expo Canada, Aquaman star Jason Momoa answered a number of questions about his forthcoming role.

He couldn't say much, which is no surprise, but he did address some very broad-brush things like whether the character will be as dark as Superman and Batman seem to be, and what he has to say to fans who make "fish jokes" about the character.

"It's cute and funny, people make fun of him, there's a bunch of jokes about him, but I'm like, 'Just wait. Let's just wait a little bit, and then you can make jokes,'" Momoa said.

You can see a supercut of Momoa answering Aquaman inquiries below.

Momoa is expected to appear in March's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, followed by two Justice League movies and an Aquaman stand-alone film.

Check out our comic book movie release calendar for more details on just when those are coming.

Video via ScreenRelish.



  1. I predict that there will be MORE!

    • Katniss
    • 65 Posts in 12 Months

    Jason is the manliest man in hollywood, he's the only one that can make people to take Aquaman seriously.

  2. Even DC knows that Aquaman is lame , that's why they cast Momoa to try to make the character look badass.

    • bobthened
    • 6 Posts in 12 Months

    they know that he is considered lame, but he really isn't

    • chives536
    • 5 Posts in 12 Months

    there will be completely NEW jokes about Aquaman after this movie

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