Colossus Is In the Deadpool Movie A Good Amount

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    • Rick
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    Weird. Colossus had a decent sized role in the previous X-Men movies. This change seems jarring. It's not as if he was like Jubilee, just some random Asian extra with a yellow jacket. I guess its a new timeline though

  1. It's the same timeline.  They originally pursued the actor of the X-Men Colossus, but he turned them down because the character would be CG and the entirety of his contribution would be VO work.  I don't think he thought it through tho, since this character is now the official link to Deadpool being in the same universe as the X-Men.  He sounded like he was under the impression that he would still be playing Colossus in future X-Men movies, but I think he just talked himself out of the role.

    • Daws
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    Cool. Now get his sister in the films!

  2. Daws, that would be awesome!

  3. No it wouldn't have even been that.

    His entire contribution would have been motion capture, they were planning on the character being CG and with a different voice. Essentially all Cudmore would have added to the film would have been his image.

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