Batman: The Killing Joke Could Be An R-Rated Movie

During the Batman: Bad Blood First Look Panel at 2015 New York Comic Con on Friday night, director James Tucker dropped some potentially exciting news.

When an audience member asked about the shift from initially making DC Animated films about famous comics to doing original stories, Tucker answered, “At first, we were pretty much told that was what we were going to do, is to do a new universe thing coming off the New 52. But having said that, I actually really enjoy what we’re doing. And also we do three movies a year, two of them are in continuity and one is an adaptation, or an original, or whatever we want it to be. So we still do adaptations. Killing Joke is next year. So you’re kind of getting the best of both worlds, because there’s a finite amount of adaptations really. So doing one a year as opposed to three a year is probably going to make them last a little longer.”

In regards to Killing Joke, Tucker revealed, “And you know, they said we could make it a R.” The, Tucker quickly added, “Not saying that’s what it will be, but we’ll see.”

So what do you think? Would you like to see Batman: The Killing Joke as an R-Rated animated film?

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  1. I'd love it

  2. While I know the majority of fanboys (or girls) are adults the lions share of the money made even from direct to digital/ dvd products such as these Animated DC movies are comes from families with children. If hiring that hack Afleck wasn't bad enough if they do this they'd be dooming themselves to failure. And not just with that movie but future ones as well.

    • Flash187
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    Don't make it R just for the sake of it be R. Just make a great and entertaining movie and then if it ends up R so be it. If not then probably for the better...

    • Siodar
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    Heck yes it should be rated R. To really get a good feel for joker and the violence connected to the book.

  3. If you buy the killing joke for your young child then you deserve all the nightmares thatkid will have. This movie SHOULD be rated r just so there is no confusion that this is an adult batman story. And btw i dont think we are far of when it comes to studios realising that if a movie makes millions its first day, or through 25 years with a cult following, doesnt matter. As long as they make a faithfull movie in time it Will generate the money they are after. You think the producers of the thing are regreting their desicion? It seems they understand that now and thatswhu we are finally getting a r rated deadpool and hopefully an r rated killing joke

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