EXCLUSIVE: Damien Darhk To Be On The Flash & Legends Of Tomorrow

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  1. The more Neal McDonough, the better!

  2. TurtleDude said ... (original post)

    The more Neal McDonough, the better!


  3. I've been trying to sort out this theory in my head ever since I heard that in some stories, Damien has a role in making Caitlyn the Killer Frost. Then when he said he was waiting for his associates and clearly Anarchy isn't one of them, I started thinking that maybe Vandal Savage since I don't know much about him other than he is immortal and his real adversary seems to be the Hawks that maybe he is in fact a time traveler and that's what brought him to the attention of the Time Masters (sorry if this is a run on sentence). But, that if I were trying to conquer the world and the universe and there were key times in history (and the rise of the Green Arrow and the birth of the metahumans would seem to be important) that Vandal Savage would install people to make sure his will is maintained and to alert him if he needs to come to a particular time. This would also jive with the fact that Damien usually is just a second in command in most iterations and there is not always a lot of follow up on his bosses. But if, for instance, that Damien sets up Star City to appear to fall and there is nothing they can do about it, Oliver and Dig put their families and the Lances in charge of evacuating those in Star City to Central City where Barry and Jay et al will protect them and like try one last stance, but just as everyone but Oliver and Dig arrive in Central City, Damien's plan is actually to attack there. BUT, as he is about to blow up Central City or whatever, he discovers he has a connection to a certain blonde member of the Arrow team and he pulls back, but not before Lance goes to confront him after Oliver and Dig figure it out and are trying to get there and voila, Lance is killed. But as that was not Vandal's plan, he comes and does whatever he does that has Rip contacting Oliver and Barry to help form the Legends. That's also a circumstance that Oliver would have blamed himself for last year but wouldn't anymore.

  4. Re: the final scene of eppy 1 of Arrow... with Darkh crossing over to the other shows, it adds to the mystery of who will be killed that both Oliver and Barry would know, and that Oliver would shed a tear over. I still believe it's Capt. Lance, who will sacrifice himself to save Oliver, adding to Oliver's guilt and redeeming Lance after his association with Darkh.

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    Nice. I'd like to see Slade Wilson and Amanda Waller on The Flash.

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