Stephen Amell Talks About Who’s In The Grave On Arrow


During an appearance at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest last weekend, Stephen Amell was asked if he now knew who was in the mysterious grave in the flash forward on the Arrow Season 4 premiere.

Amell initially joked, “It’s not me.”

He then added, “I don’t. That’s not for me to know. That’s for our producers to know. It’s only for me to know if and when I need to do something if we end up doing another flash forward in the show. I needed to know certain things about the scene without knowing who it actually was when we did the initial flash forward. I just needed to simply know that the person I wanted to kill was a him and that the person that was in the grave was someone I cared a lot about. That’s all I needed to know. I don’t need to know the specifics until if and when we shoot another flash forward scene if there was something else that I had to say.”


When it was pointed out that if it wasn't someone Oliver cared about in the grave, he could have been laughing, Amell joked, “Barry: ‘Oliver are you ok?’ I hated him or her or it or them.”

Arrow airs on Wednesday at 8 PM ET on Wednesdays on The CW.

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  1. Guessing it's Thea, since Roy is coming back to the show. Pretty much everyone else on Team Arrow could get killed or even captain Lance if he gets unlucky.

  2. It's Malcolm Thea kills him. He's now Ras al Ghul. It ends her blood lust. The whole reason he says something like "There was a time this would've really gotten to me." Remember he did caer about Tommy's father when he was younger.

    • Spenser
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    It's Felicity, that b!tch is useless.

    • kwu5765
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    Spenser said ... (original post)

    It's Felicity, that b!tch is useless.

    Actually she's quite more useful than you think. She litterally has funded the entire Green Arrow operation and base. Without her, there would be no cool tech stuff or anything.

    • Krul
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    Spencer are you and I even watching the same show? They wouldn't have been able to find half of the people they've gone after over the last 3 seasons if not for Falicity and her tech skills.

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