Captain America: Civil War New Synopsis Released

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    It was good not OMG worth but very good none the less. A bit cheesy but great action. Mostly disappointed with tchalla's costume not half as cool as it could be. Don't want to start the Dc vs marvel crap but this film may suggle to match the other ones Dc are pulling out if we're to prejudge it solely on there trailers.

  1. The movie will be good, I'm sure. But, in a way, I'm disappointed. It's a very loose interpretation of CW and, honestly, not nearly as interesting. What they should have done is take this as an opportunity to tie it directly to AoS and the Inhumans. With new superpowered people popping up all over the world, and their existence becoming impossible to deny, a 'Superhuman Registration Act' would make perfect sense. It's a shame, because if it's just about the Avengers having government oversight, and Cap and Stark disagreeing, it carries far less emotional weight.

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