Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Sneak Peek Detailed Analysis

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    • _L0Bo_
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    Looks fantastic, I predict B V S with be the biggest movie of next year and Cap: Civil War 2nd!

    • Tarkit
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    I am not sure that dream sequence is the conclusion I would draw.. We've seen Zod's corpse so Bizarro could quite easily be the 'superman' capturing Batsie here, and we've seen Luthie has kryptonite too, so why stop at the green stuff? Could superman be affected by a bit of the good ol' red K? Food for thought.

  1. Remember those horse back riders from the SDCC trailer that were briefly shown riding in the desert? Could that be Batman and his "troops" going after Superman?

    • Koko
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    You seem to be forgetting Deadpool, mi amigo.

    • MatchooW
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    My take is that this is Superman's new fortress of solitude, moved to the desert instead of the pole. Batman tried to infiltrate it and was taken down by Superman's android protectors who chained him up and waited for Supes to come home. If it's a dream sequence, it's not Superman's as he wouldn't know that Bruce is Batman, that's why he removed the cowl after all, so why would his dream get it right? I'm betting it's not a dream (Knightmare is spelled with a K, so it's not necessarily a 'nightmare') and Batman escapes somehow, leading to the exit we saw in the trailer.

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