Kevin Smith Reviews Star Wars: The Force Awakens

(Photo: Kevin Smith)

There are all sorts of spoilers in this "Fat Man on Batman" episode, which, despite the name of the show (it's not actually about Batman), is entirely about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So be warned before you watch it.

Anyway, the new episode of the newly-video-ized show with Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin is focused on reviewing the newest film in the Star Wars franchise. "Oh what a delight it was," Smith summarizes before launching into about 25 minutes of reviewing the movie, basically bit by bit, spoiler by spoiler. It's almost a Chris Farley-style recap. "Remember that time with the TIE fighter? That was awesome," but you know what, at least he's having fun with it.

Bernardin's review is considerably more succinct, with way less spoilers and curse words. It'll be interesting to hear the two of them talk about it together, and not just chatting about it solo, which hopefully we'll get out of a future episode.

Incidentally, there are a handful of thinks Smith doesn't quite get on-the-nose as far as Star Wars canon goes, but he doesn't pretend to be an expert, he's just a huge fan.

The best quote (mild spoilers)? "I like girl Luke better than boy Luke," he says of Rey. "I love that Finn keeps trying to save her, and she keeps saving him. Wonderful performance by Daisy Ridley, I want to see her in everything now." So do we, Kevin.

"I'll be talking about this movie for the rest of my life," he ended, before thanking director JJ Abrams.

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  1. he's clearly high no wonder he liked it

    • CB120168
    • 2 Posts in 13 Months

    Have at least heard of Kevin Smith. Max Landis? Never heard of him

    • stevengl
    • 3 Posts in 13 Months

    serenityq2 said ... (original post)

    he's clearly high no wonder he liked it

    Thank God most of the world disagrees with you. This movie was what most fans have been waiting for.

    • stevengl
    • 3 Posts in 13 Months

    CB120168 said ... (original post)

    Have at least heard of Kevin Smith. Max Landis? Never heard of him

    I think he co-wrote Chronicle and is currently writing a Superman storyline.

    • Flash187
    • 524 Posts in 29 Months

    I like these guys. Smith and Bernardin are good hosts. Both know their comics and movies and the layer being knowledgeable on alot of things. Love Fatman on Batman...

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