Does Iron Man Make Spider-Man’s Suit in Captain America: Civil War?


With Spider-Man finally making his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon with Captain America: Civil War, there is a ton of speculation as to just how he might fit into the larger world already in place.

Well, let's throw some wood on that fire, shall we?

With a full-facial mask and a civilian identity still in high school, it seems like a safe bet that Spider-Man will be one of the few (if not the only) Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes to enjoy a secret identity.

That's ironic, in this case, since Civil War, the comic book event, outed Spider-Man to the world and revolved around superheroes giving up their secret identities.

So...what will tie Civil War to Captain America: Civil War, besides a fight between Iron Man and Captain America?

Well, there's the fact that the fight seems to be about an as-yet-unexplained piece of legislation rushed into law following a crisis that superheroes directly took part in, but did not cause.

And there's the fact that we have a role for Spider-Man to play, apparently.

Just what that role is, isn't yet clear, but Tom Holland will take to the silver screen as Ol' Webhead for the first time in a Captain America movie from Marvel, not a Spider-Man movie from Sony, and that's worth a note.

In Civil War, Spider-Man was taken under Tony Stark's wing for a time -- so much so that after his secret identity was compromised and his Aunt May shot as a result, he yelled at Stark "You were like a father to me!"

What can Tony do for Spider-Man in this reality?

Well, he's unlikely to help him keep his identity a secret, since Tony is firmly on the side of the establishment in this case. It's also unlikely they would "out" Peter Parker before he even gets to play a role in his own solo movie.

...But what if Tony was the one who gave Spider-Man some of his wonderful toys?

I can see a world where Tony Stark creates the Spider-Man costume -- which would then get you past that old criticism of how a science geek kid go tall those webs so nicely tailored -- and possibly the webshooters, etc., to outfit a new, young hero for action.

That would also create a parallel to the Iron Spider costume that Peter wore during Civil War tie-ins. That short-lived costume has nevertheless been merchandised on toys, clothes and even bottles of fruit juice for kids. So giving fans a similar touchstone? Not unlikely...!

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    • _L0Bo_
    • 3197 Posts in 26 Months

    Lets hope not, hate the fact Iron Man is the daddy of Ultron and Vision. In fact Iron Man is basically Fox's Wolverine for Marvel Studio movies lol.

    • CB87738
    • 48 Posts in 16 Months

    I hope so. It would make more sense to have iron man create his gadgets instead of letting the audience believe that a 13-14 year old can make a web shooter with one of the most strongest, versatile material in the world.

    • CB87544
    • 171 Posts in 16 Months

    Iron Spider steps in right after the fight in that trailer ends, so save Tony.

    • Dixikid23
    • 195 Posts in 29 Months

    In the newer animated Spider-Man show he has his own webshooters, but SHIELD upgrade them for him. Perhaps something similar can be done here, with a comment from Tony saying he's impressed with his technical skill to show how capable he is. Personally I want a totally solo Spider-Man, who makes his own costumes, webshooters and takes care of himself, but I doubt that'll happen, so lets get some coaching from Cap, some tech from Tony, then send him on his way to deal with his own rogue gallery. One thing I do hope for is the Iron Spider suit to show up at some point, I've wanted to see a live action version of that armour since I first read the story! Also, I doubt Stark will want him to out himself as Spider-Man, but part of the accord might be to reveal it to someone for the sake of safety, so we might get some scenes with them together, but I actually would prefer Spidey to be more cautious of whats going on, but it all depends how much of a fanboy of Iron Man and Cap this Spider-Man will be, he might WANT to show Tony who he is!? I'm so excited for this film, Civil War's always been my one of my favourite Marvel stories and I'm SO GLAD THEY GOT SPIDER-MAN FOR IT! AAAH! :D

    • CB102171
    • 24 Posts in 14 Months


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