Daredevil Season 2: New Images Released

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    • tgormtx
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    The head gear looks "off" to me

  1. Entire DD suit is off.

    • Edccyon
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    Purple costume. White streaks in hair. Gotta be Feral.

  2. the the head piece is still too big and the suit is still purple, black and terrible.... great, just great. luckily we didnt have to deal with it last season until the last 10 minutes, now well have to look at this garbage every episode. Just make the suit red... all red...not plum and black.. RED!. I loved this show, i really did, with one tiny exception.. the horrible suit that appeared in the final episode. im miffed, im angry, im annoyed.

  3. Yes. Me too. I hope that in season 2 they´ll change it to the original red. 

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