Here's What A Spider-Gwen Animated Series Could Look Like


Web-slinging out of the Spider-Verse event, Spider-Gwen has become one of Marvel's biggest hits in recent years...

...and now Allegra Town Studio has created and shared a short animation that gives fans the idea of what she might look like if she were to spring to animated life.

You can check it out below.

According to follow-up tweets, the animation was done entirley in Toon Boom with backgrounds painted in PhotoShop.

Spider-Gwen #4 is due in stores on January 13.

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    • Munchim
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    That animation looks tons better then ultimate spider man!

  1. Oh my god, this would be amazing. Please, Marvel, make this happen.

  2. This would be amazing. Not sure if I would trade it for Ultimate Spider-Man though. Maybe animated film?

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