Star Wars: The Force Awakens Tops Avengers Domestically, Frozen Worldwide

by Brandon Davis


Star Wars: The Force Awakens has now officially become Disney's top-grossing film of all time in North America. With that statistic comes to a couple of new rankings on the leaderboards, too.

Episode VII has now pulled in $1.29 billion worldwide, surpassing fellow Disney property Frozen's $1.28 billion, to make it the 8th highest grossing film of all time, and topped Avengers as the highest grossing Disney-owned property in North America.

The new numbers account for Wednesday's $28.1 million in North America at 4,134 theaters and $26.7 million overseas. The domestic total is sitting at $629 million while worldwide, The Force Awakens has hauled in $664.1 million and has yet to open in China.

The Force Awakens is less than $150 million away from surpassing Avatar's record domestic gross of $760.5 million.

(source: THR)

By Brandon Davis

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