Funko POP! Figure Spoils Giant Captain America: Civil War Character



A new listing for a Funko POP! figure contains a pretty giant spoiler for Captain America: Civil War. Read no further if you want to stay spoiler-free!

You've been warned.

The new figure, which is listed on Southern Hobby without an official image, is titled "POP Marvel: Captain America 3 - 6 " Giant Man."

This potential spoiler is on par with the leaked images of a LEGO set which contained Giant Man among other Captain America: Civil War characters and settings. 

Ant-Man has yet to be seen in a trailer outside of D23, so the inclusion of Giant Man may come as a giant surprise for a lot of fans. If he is to appear on toys and promotional items, it is doubtful Marvel will hold the surprise until the films release, with lots of other tricks up their sleeve for Captain America: Civil War. One of those moments which is still under wraps: the reveal of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Spider-Man.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016.

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  1. As I am quite intelligent, the word GIANT in the heading was in fact the spoiler in the article. The whole 'read no further' warning was redundant. Thanks guys.

    • CB87544
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    Giant Man, Spiderman, and Baron Zemo have been strategically hidden to surprise us im thinking.And very little Scarlet Witch, Crossbones, and Black Panther has been shown, for hopefully the same reason-they're gonna be awesome!

    • CB87544
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    Good point, but didn't we pretty much guess this months ago?

  2. Don't put giant in the title. We can figure it out.

  3. You didn't even try to be subtle with the title u_u

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