Rey To Be Added To Star Wars Monopoly Game


Hasbro just made it official! The company announced today that Rey, the lead character Daisy Ridley played in J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will be included in the next installment of their Star Wars Monopoly board game.

Hasbro tweeted: "We love your passion for Rey, and are happy to share that we will be including her in the Monopoly: Star Wars game, available later this year."

The previous installment, which was just released several months ago, featured game pieces for Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Finn and Kylo Ren. Many fans were upset that Rey, a prominent female character from the film, was excluded. 

The exclusion of Rey fits a running narrative that the character has been suspiciously absent from some of The Force Awakens merchandise. The first Rey action figures were released back in September as well -- but recent, leaked images indicate that the "Starkiller Base Rey" figure -- currently sold out in many locations and fetching as much as $50 on eBay -- will be replaced by one holding Luke Skywalker's lightsaber.

On Monday, Hasbro issued a statement to explain Rey's absence from the game: "The Star Wars: Monopoly game was released in September, months before the movie’s release, and Rey was not included to avoid revealing a key plot line that she takes on Kylo Ren and joins the Rebel Alliance."

Rian Johnson's Star Wars: Episode VIII - probably with a definitive answer - will arrive in theaters May 26, 2017.

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    • Trazy
    • 2 Posts in 22 Months

    And screw everyone who already bought it?Thats bullshit!!

  1. Why would you buy a game that only offered 4 game tokens? I have lots of Monopoly games but if the game tokens do not look right I pass on them.

  2. THAT'S the real question! Why not just have more game tokens and include her with her staff.  I understand not wanting to spoil the movie, but why make a game without the normal 6-8 player tokens?  That's an odd oversight?  Is this specific version not made to be played by more than four people?  

    • vusixeno
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