Ryan Reynolds Says Green Lantern Was Frustrating


Ryan Reynolds is looking to slice, dice, and wisecrack his way next month with Fox's Deadpool, which has been a passion project for the actor for years. Originally playing Wade Wilson in the abysmal X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but never donning the red body suit and mask. 

Reynolds had often avoided the big budget movies and optioned more roles leaning towards the wacky sidekick or goofy neighbor. Warner Bros and DC's Green Lantern was his first foray into this type of film and the star talks about being in that spot in Empire's latest issue. 

"It was a slightly terrifying place to be", Reynolds said. "You really need a visionary behind a movie like that, but it was the classic studio story: 'We have a poster, but we don't have a script! Let's start shooting!'" 

Reynolds called the production on Green Lantern "frustrating", but doesn't regret the decision. He met his future wife, Blake Lively, while filming and he states that it afforded him a lot of opportunities. 

Green Lantern made $220M worldwide with a $200M budget and has gone on to be considered one of the worst offerings of comic book movies in recent memories.

Deadpool opens February 12th. DC's Green Lantern relaunch will come out in 2020, and you can check out information on all the upcoming comic book movies in our database that come out in between. 

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  1. How does he we feel as fans?

  2. The worst being the excretable 1989 Punisher movie with Duh-olph Lundgren. Man, that movie sucked balls! I think that movie was, in part, why Marvel decided to start optioning their properties to other companies to save money.

  3. I remember thinking how perfect it was that Reynolds was cast as Deadpool in the Wolverine movie. I still can't believe how they ruined that perfect match with what they did with Deadpool in that movie. This trailers for this new Deadpool movie have already begun to heal my wounds. Bring on the whole thing.

  4. I never thought it was that bad of a movie. It could, and should, have been much better but I have seen worse.

    • Baldr
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    Sheesh i don't make 20 million with one movie. I didn't find it bad at all and it prove that Ryan can carry a movie on his own ;) And don't forget older movies that did much worse. There was an old spiderman movie lol Spider-Man Strikes Back (1978) and yes Punisher (1989) and perhaps there will be more that wont do it.

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