Make Your Own 3D Printed LEGO Head

by Brandon Davis

Lego Heads


It's a childhood dream come true! Now, thanks to a shop called Funky 3D Faces, we can all have our own faces on LEGO figures.

The U.K.-based company will create a 3D sculpt of your face, completely compatible with (though not endorsed by) LEGO products. The head are not only 3D sculpts of our own but their also printed to match our personal skin tones rather than the classic yellow LEGO head.

The price of the 3D heads is a mere $30 but the Etsy shop has crashed due to a recent spike in activity. If they come back up, make sure to order quickly, as they can take up to two weeks create. 

Buyers are instructed to submit a pair of photographs with their orders. One, looking straight into the game, and the other, a silhouette of their head from the side. From there, it's all in Funky 3D Heads' hands and soon yours. 

By Brandon Davis

Brandon is a proud graduate of the University of South Carolina and the insider/expert of all things The Walking Dead. He is also a massive fan of all things comic book movie, Dwayne Johnson, and pitifully obsessed with LOST.