People's Choice Awards 2016: Johnny Depp Named Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor


Johnny Depp has been named Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor at the 2016 People's Choice Awards.

The Black Mass and Pirates of the Caribbean actor thanked fans for sticking by him on what he acknowledged was kind of an odd career path, and joked that his only regret is that his dance routine was cut from Black Mass.

I'd say most mob dramas could use a good dance routine, so really, who can blame him?

The category also included nominees Channing Tatum, Matt Damon, George Clooney and Will Smith.

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  1. It's good to see fans are still showing him support after some dud movies, but what movie did he get nominated for?

    • CB87544
    • 171 Posts in 17 Months

    What a strange career.Lots of huge hits followed by massive bombs.Great actor, no doubt.But personally I just can't stand his fake persona.Grew up in Kentucky, no southern drawl, talked smack about America, moved to France, now has a pseudo-British accent.Just stop talking dude!

    • CB112639
    • 1 Posts in 13 Months

    Black Mass

    • CB122059
    • 3 Posts in 12 Months

    Black Mass.

    • CB122059
    • 3 Posts in 12 Months

    Nothing strange about his great, long career. He's had hits and misses just like any other film icon. And his latest film is a hit.

    He doesn't have a fake persona, he is the sweetest man in Hollywood. He was born in Kentucky but did not grow up there. And he "talked smack" about America when they were killing innocent people in Iraq. There's nothing wrong with his accent, you stop talking.

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