Clark Gregg Wants Marvel To Make A Black Widow Movie

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    • CB116949
    • 154 Posts in 7 Months

    I thinks it's too late.

    • Mojtaba
    • 317 Posts in 25 Months

    people trying so hard to say they're feminist. black widow movie ? which avenger she's gonna flirt with this time ?

    • CB100189
    • 181 Posts in 9 Months

    Why not at least a team up?

    • CB87544
    • 171 Posts in 11 Months

    Id see it.

  1. I think they probably missed the boat on that one. It would have made more sense in Phase 2, building towards what we find out about the Russian Black Widow program in Agent Carter and Age of Ultron. At this point, it would seem out of place. Maybe as the first movie in Phase 4...

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