Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 to Premiere April 10, Be Split in Two Parts

(Photo: AMC)

Fear the Walking Dead will be back on TV much earlier than it was for its first season. The second season premiere is April 10, airing Sundays at 9pm, taking over the timeslot from its sister series The Walking Dead a couple weeks after the expected season finale.

It's also the same night and time that Game of Thrones airs on HBO - that show returns on April 24. So get your DVRs ready.

The season will also be split in two runs, with seven episodes in the spring, and eight more later in 2016, for a fifteen episode total second season.

The announcement was made at TCA Friday afternoon. AMC Network heads earlier today expressed their faith in the show, and their plans to keep it and its companion series The Walking Dead running as long as possible, with no end for either currently in sight.

A press release also noted the first season of the series will be available on Hulu exclusively starting January 26 for Hulu subscribers.

A season of Talking Dead focused on Fear will follow the series at 10pm on Sundays, as well, extending that series beyond the original show.