Are Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamill Reuniting for Batman: The Killing Joke?


Ever since DC Entertainment announced Batman: The Killing Joke, an adaptation of 1988 graphic novel by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, would be their next animated feature fans have been hoping Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy would reunite to voice The Joker and Batman once again.

Perhaps, this new photo Conroy tweeted out today reveals that a reunion is in the works. The caption reads, "I finally caught my favorite villain! Bats nabs Joker." The image features Conroy giving his former Batman: The Animated Series co-star a bear hug.

A report back in July stated that Hamill will come out of his Joker retirement to voice Batman’s arch-nemesis in Batman: The Killing Joke, however, WB hasn't made it official yet. As for Conroy, he told ComicBookcom that he "do it in a heartbeat" and "would love to work with" Hamill once more.

Check out the photo below.


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