John Boyega Says Star Wars Episode VIII Has A Much Darker Script

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  1. I think it is exciting that The Force Awakens has rejuvenated interest in the Star Wars franchise. I look forward to Episode VIII with bated breath... but there is another reason why I have decided to post a comment for the first time on a article... Please, I beg you, read what you write before you post it for general consumption. I know this isn't exactly the Wall Street Journal, but you get too many readers to get away with all these glaring spelling and grammatical errors. I love your website and I am not trying to be pointlessly negative, but I have clicked on seven individual links to different articles you posted on Facebook and each one of them has silly, easily fixed errors. If you are looking for volunteers to help with editing, consider me a candidate. (I would add that I am not picking on the writer of this particular article, Jamie Lovett, because editing issues prevail across nearly your entire writing team. Please take this as a constructive critique from a loyal reader, not a personal attack against any one writer.)

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