Mark Ruffalo Reveals Cate Blanchett's Possible Role In Thor: Ragnarok Is A Villain


At the BAFTA Awards Season Tea Party on Saturday, Entertainment Tonight spoke with Mark Ruffalo (The Avengers) and seemingly confirmed that Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett (The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings) is circling (or unofficially has) a villainous role in Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok.

ET: Your Thor 3 co-star, Cate Blanchett, is here tonight, are you happy about that?

Ruffalo: I'm so thrilled. I saw her at the Governors' banquet here and heard that maybe she was circling, they were talking to her about the part, so I ran up to her and I was like, 'Please, please, please make this work!' She's just one of the best, and to have her play a baddie is going to be really exciting.

Who could Blanchett be playing? Since we already know Thor: Ragnarok will take place within the cosmos primarily the logical guess would be either: Amora the Enchantress or Hela, the Norse goddess of Death. Let us know who you think she might be in the comment section below.

Listen to Ruffalo's comments in the video below.

Thor 3 pre-production in Australia will begin in January of 2016 and filming is set to begin in June of 2016.

Thor: Ragnarok will star Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/The Hulk). It'll be directed by What We Do In The Shadows' Taika Waititi, based on a script by Christopher Yost, Craig Kyle and Stephany Folsom.

Thor: Ragnarok will be released on November 3, 2017.

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  1. Hela

  2. As long as she's Hela, the Norse goddess of Death, I'm good with that. In my own brain, I think of The Enchantress as the same age of Thor and Loki, not the age of Volstagg. But, whatever her role, she'll be awesome, imho.

  3. any chance she may be Karnilla, queen of the Norn

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