Zack Snyder Hints Doomsday's Mythology Is Key To Justice League's Bigger Villain



  1. I'm assuming he's referring to the aspect of his mythology where he dies, evolves, and is reborn harder to kill.

    • tony2302
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    ohhhhhh, just like Saiyans? lol j/k

    • RJW
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    tony2302 said ... (original post)

    ohhhhhh, just like Saiyans? lol j/k

    Saiyans get stronger when they recover from near death.

    • SuperTim
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    Doomsday's original incarnation and placement on Earth had nothing to do with a Green Lantern. He was shackled in "death" and sent aboard a ship that was to be his sarcophagus, where it crashes on Earth after floatinf in space. Seems to me Snyder is going to mess with the character even more that DC eventually did in print.