Another DC Villain Rumored To Debut In Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

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  1. I don't think so. Maybe it's too much for a single movie. For a Superman solo movie, ok.

    • cimmerian
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    Yes, I'm sure freaking Bizarro is the big bad for the Justice League movies. GTFO of here. If anything, maybe he's what Doomsday mutates out of.

    • Jjb-54
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    This is just sad ... I'm sorry. I wished they had treated this movie like they did Star Wars. Just slight vague teasers to 'catch you'. But every week, month since the movie was rumored to be in the making, we now know everything about the movie. We know - Who. We know - Why. We know - How. We know .. well the whole story plot and how they will play out. BAD MOVE GUYS - Seriously very bad move. People will come out of it, disappointed in the end because there were NO SURPRISES. No "Gotcha - you didn't see that coming did you???" The only "surprises" will now be - the CGI special effects fight and that's it. How well did that work out for Star Wars I - II & III? .... > Not very well, if you remember.

    • VanGoghX
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    The "bigger threat" is the giant mechanical spider from Kevin Smith's doomed Superman movie.

  2. They used that in Wild Wild West with Will Smith.. 

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