Sean Bean Addresses Possibility Of Game Of Thrones Return

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  1. get em beany

  2. Thank goodness they didn'tdo something stupid and resurrect him in the present that would have been a huge mistake for Game of Thrones. I'm still waiting for Lady Stoneheart to make her appearance hopefully is this season!!! I would love to see Sean Bean back in a flashback role but as for present day it wouldn't make sense at all

  3. There was never any reason for bringing Ned back. Season 1 played almost exactly like the books. I don't think they started going away from the books till season 2 and Robb Starks' wife..but the show was already a global success. Now Lady Stoneheart, i would have loved to see her story on screen.

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    They cut Lady Stoneheart totally out of the TV series.

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