Stan Lee Thinks A Star Wars And Avengers Crossover Could Happen

Stan Lee Avengers Crossover

Stan Lee always has quite the imagination.

The mastermind behind some of the biggest Marvel characters is now seeing a connection between his beloved characters and those of a galaxy far, far away. “Obviously the people who produce these [movies] are looking to be as successful as possible,” Lee told The Big Issue. “If they feel that incorporating Star Wars with the Marvel characters will be very successful, they’ll find a way to do it. Can you imagine Spider-Man saying, 'May the force be with you'? It may come to that!”

“I created the Avengers by taking many of our characters and making a team out of them," Lee says. "We can have as many characters join the Avengers as we want to for future movies. That might be fun, all of a sudden Luke Skywalker is an Avenger!”

Disney does own the cinematic rights to both Star Wars and Marvel Studios properties, so, theoretically and legally it is possible. But let's not get our hopes up. Lee serves as Executive Producer on Marvel Studios projects for having created the characters, however, until Kevin Feige and Bog Iger say they want to see Luke Skywalker jump through time to Earth for an Avengers crossover, we're going to rule this one as "not going to happen."

The next Star Wars film, Rogue One, hits theaters December 16. Marvel's next big super hero flick Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6.

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  1. Yeah I just want a comic book crossover, or maybe even animated, but movies ? eum, nowp

  2. I'd prefer a comic series too. There's already been Star Trek/ X-men crossovers, so it's not new territory for Marvel really. The Marvel universe has become more intergalatic over the past few years with Infinity and other stories, so a story where the Avengers time travel to the Star Wars Galaxy (supposed to be "a long time ago") would work. 

    As for movies... Yeah, I think it's too complicated to work for the general public.

  3. No. GOD no.

  4. This is the dumbest idea ever.

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    The Star Wars movie are said to take place 'A Long time ago in a galaxy far far away....' so it goes without saying that the franchises should not be in any crossover ever.

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