The Flash: Grant Gustin Comments On If Zoom Is An Evil Earth 2 Barry Allen


At some point this season, we'll know who Zoom, the nasty Earth-2 speedster, is. Fans have come up with numerous possibilities for his identity and one suggestion is that Zoom is an evil version of Barry Allen.

"I don’t think it’s going to be Evil Barry," the show's star, Grant Gustin, told IGN. "But I was pitching that idea really early on, like, 'How fun would that be, it’d be so cool!' I just selfishly wanted to play the villain. I didn’t even know who it was until last night, actually. I hadn’t asked. I asked way more questions last year. Jesse [L. Martin] likes to know as little as possible and I’m kind of taking that route this year, so I’m surprised when I see the scripts and surprised when I do it. I hadn’t asked who Zoom was. I didn’t want to know, but [Greg] Berlanti called me last night to catch up and talk about the episodes and that came up and he broke down that whole story for me and how it’s going to evolve and what’s going to happen. So I do know now. Obviously, I’m not going to tell you! [Laughs] There are so many twists and turns involved with it and so many characters’ arcs that are connected to it. I said it about Thawne last year. Even if you think you know, there’s going to be some part of it that no one is going to guess exactly what the reveal is."

In their last encounter, Zoom pummelled The Flash and then paraded his lifeless body around Central City, so what's Barry's next move? "He does what he always does and keeps moving forward," he offered. "It’s really his only choice. Now that that’s happened, Zoom is going to be in the back of his head, no matter what is going on this season. Now that’s kind of what’s looming for the rest of the season, now that we know how powerful he is."

The Flash returns Tuesday, January 19 at 8PM on The CW!