The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan Says New Haircut Is Top Secret

by Brandon Davis

Maggie Comic


As everything is in the world of comic book movie and TV, Lauren Cohan's new haircut is apparently, "Top secret."

The Walking Dead actress was recently photographed having significantly shorter hair than we've come to know from her portrayal of Maggie Greene which got a few fans worried about the character's fate on AMC's hit show. 

"We thought that maybe people would say, 'Oh, she cut her and and it’ll grow back,' [but] we had no idea," Cohan tells TooFab. "I had so many messages from friends and family, saying, 'This is on CNN, do you realize what a big deal this haircut is?!'"

Cohan wouldn't spill any other details about the hair cut but she called it a "top secret chop," before concluding the interview and says she has to keep it "under wraps" for now.

Maggie's hair in The Walking Dead comic books is shorter than that of Lauren Cohan's which we've come to know. Perhaps her cut is to more closely represent where Maggie is at post-issue 100 of the series, which is the point many fans expect season six to parallel in its finale. Or, maybe, she just got a haircut in the show's filming hiatus and it will grow back like hair does.

The Walking Dead returns February 14 at 9 PM ET on AMC.

By Brandon Davis

Brandon is a proud graduate of the University of South Carolina and the insider/expert of all things The Walking Dead. He is also a massive fan of all things comic book movie, Dwayne Johnson, and pitifully obsessed with LOST.