X-Men Movie Timeline Explained By Bryan Singer And Simon Kinberg

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    • Derangel
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    So he basically explained almost nothing. I'm fine with the other X-men movies being erased, at least as long as the new universe does things different and does them well.

  1. I love how nobody addressed how 1) Xavier came back to life after X:III, 2) Wolverine got his adamantium claws back, 3) clearly the timeline doesn't jive between Apocalypse and X1, considering the ages of the characters (esp. Xavier and Magneto), and 4) there was clearly a decades-long time gap between The Wolverine and DoFP, even though technology progressed, Wolverine aged a great deal, but characters like Xavier, Magneto, Kitty Pryde and others didn't age at all. Basically, the entire timeline of the Xmen is completely screwed up and makes little sense.

    • RJW
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    Professor X's revival was addressed in X3. He put his mind in his brain dead brother.

    Wolverine didn't age a great deal. He had some grey in his hair.

    I agree that the timeline is weird but the films are still good regardless of continuity.

    • Munchim
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    and Singer and Kinberg continue to butcher the X-Men film universe /sigh can't wait for the reboot to get a GOOD X-Men movie.

    • JCM77
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    this was addressed? i don't remember this part at all. when did they say that he put his mind in his dead brother?

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