DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee Seemingly Confirms Upcoming Relaunch


It only took a few hours of rumors for DC Comics to have some kind of official response to an impending relaunch. Co-Publisher Jim Lee tweeted out an image of a blue curtain with one word across it "Rebirth."

This comes on the heels of last year's DC Comics rebirth - where they brought back not just their multiverse in a big way, but all their multiverses, including previously "destroyed" worlds and timelines like that of the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe, and even told new stories with pre-Crisis DC characters.

The rumors of this Rebirth are not a continuity reboot, just of all-new first issues across the line once more. The new first issues would re-focus the line on characters that are popular or being worked on for film and TV, with secondary characters pushed on the backburner in a significant fashion. That would be different, then, than the 2011 line-wide relaunch that included rebooting the universe.

Fellow Co-Publisher Dan DiDio also shared the image on his facebook page.

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    • _L0Bo_
    • 3197 Posts in 26 Months

    I love Jim Lee but he helped ruin DC and Wildstorm, the New 52 has shat all over the Wildstorm characters, loved Authority, Gen 13, Planetary, even WildCATS.

    If they are gonna relaunch, just wipe all the New52 out and go with a new clean slate, even have it all DCEU!

    Please keep Lois and Clark comic though, that's a great read, Earth 2 too.

    Pre-Flashpoint was the best Era for me personally, JSA, JLA, etc etc.

    • Flash187
    • 524 Posts in 29 Months

    Ugh, common man. Just keep the numbering and change what ya need to. But don't muck up this new continuity. I just got used to it...

    • DarkWater
    • 1083 Posts in 22 Months

    If this truly is another rebooted universe I just hope the Milestone universe finally is fully part of the DCU. Getting to see Static, Icon, Rocket, Hardware, Buck Wild and Shadow Cabinet would be great. I also hope DC starts hiring more diverse writers. Because DC needs more black, hispanic, Asian, Native American, Middle Eastern and Eastern European superheroes.

    DC also needs to start utilizing their characters of different ethnicities more and not change a white person, just to fill that void. Because that in and of itself is racist. So how about making a series about Jakeem Thunder. He is a different kind of superhero and would be awesome to read about.

    Bloodwynd is another cool character that has great potential for a series and DC needs to start looking in their catalog of old DC characters, then bring them back. Some people might not respond well to them, but the execs at DC won't know which ones could become the next big thing until they try. Because at the end of the day it doesn't hurt to big back some old characters, because with having around eighty years of history DC has a lot of characters that are just ripe for big success.

    • RedQueen
    • 26 Posts in 20 Months

    Some aspects of the DC universe could use some tweaking. The Teen Titans, for instance. They were ruined by Scott Lobdell. I wouldn't mind starting from scratch with them. In fact, just do that with anythinh created by Lobdell. It's already being done with Starfire, do it with the rest.

    • Dude
    • 402 Posts in 29 Months

    If there is a bright spot in the universe then they will give us a Superman that isn't just another brute hero. I agree with you, Lobo, keep Lois and Clark... It's no coincidence that Dan Jurgens is at the helm and his Superman is the closest thing to Big Blue that the New52 has seen since initial run in Action by Morrison.

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