Writer Scott Snyder Reportedly Leaving Batman For Detective Comics


According to Bleeding Cool, DC Comics' scribe, Scott Snyder, is departing the Batman comic book series that he has spent the last five years working on with artist Greg Capullo. They also say that Batman is becoming bi-monthly this summer after DC's next relaunch.

In September 2011, Snyder took over the Batman title when DC's last company-wide relaunch, The New 52, was implemented. Before that, Snyder was pennig the secondary Batman title, Detective Comics, and Bleeding Cool claims that Snyder is switching back to the title.

"Detective Comics will remain a monthly title," the report. "The decision to switch books is more likely to be remove Snyder from the event driven nature of some modern comics and of the pressure of writing the lead Batbook, and DC’s bestselling title. He will be more able to do as he pleases with he character."

ComicBook.com reached out to our sources and they confirmed this as well.

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    • Noj776
    • 17 Posts in 21 Months

    If true thats actually really cool news! I didnt want Snyder to leave Batman, but I thought it could use some new blood, so this is the best of both worlds! Plus Snyder wouldnt want to do a Batman title without Capullo, and although I LOVE Capullos work Ive wanted to see John Romita Jr on the book for awhile now. I think that hell be a GREAT fit. Maybe we could get Tom King, or Brian Azarello on the main Batman title?

    • Flash187
    • 524 Posts in 29 Months

    At least he's going to another great title. And one with Batman. Ya know DC will get someone really good for Batman considering it's above and beyond its best selling book. All I ask is keep John Romitta jr. as far away from that title as possible. Superman looks horrible with him behind the art. Idk why DC ever picked him up for any books.

    • Noj776
    • 17 Posts in 21 Months

    Romitas work can be amazing, and it had its moments of brilliance on Superman, but overall it was lackluster. He works best on street level books like Daredevil and Spider-Man. Hes honestly a perfect fit for Batman.

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