Arrow's John Barrowman Says His Ra's al Ghul has Drastic Changes Soon

(Photo: The CW)

One of the biggest surprises on Arrow last year came not at the hands of Oliver Queen, but instead belonged to Malcolm Merlyn. John Barrowman's character, who had taken a backseat in the story for a time, came back with a vengeance - becoming the new Ra's al Ghul and leader of the League of Assassins.

He has it all now, money, power, control of a secret society that shapes the world, so he should be happy, right? Not so, Barrowman exclusively told at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest NY/NJ.

"When he became Ra's al Ghul, he was finally in charge of the League of Assasins, but what he really wanted to be doing was still manipulating who I'll call the Team Oliver people," Barrowman said. He calls them that, instead of Team Arrow, because Merlyn likes manipulating them on a personal level, not just in their heroic lives. "You'll have to watch to see what happens," he teased, "because pretty soon a lot of things are going to change drastically."

Barrowman and Stephen Amell, who plays his counterpart and the star of Arrow, also teased a huge fight between the two, but Barrowman couldn't say anything more.

"I'm not saying anything more, it's a big fight, and that's it!" he said with a huge grin.

Arrow airs Wednesday nights at 8pm on The CW.

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    • DarkWater
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    It would be funny if the reason Oliver gets mad at him is because Malcolm brought Tommy back to life and now Tommy is a crazy person.

  1. I imagine it's all due to the fact that Malcolm reconstituted Vandal Savage

  2. ehh i dont really get what they're doing with his character they say hes a villain, but to me he comes off more as an anti-hero which suits him now, especially if he really does love Thea, after this persona hes taken on, him bringing back Vandal Salvage made little sense since hes a threat to Thea.

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