Robbie Amell Compares Deathstorm and Killer Frost to Bonnie and Clyde

(Photo: The CW)

At the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest NY/NJ this weekend, things didn't exactly go as planned. Thanks to a little snow storm you may have heard about, the first day of the show was canceled. But that didn't stop some of the celebrities in town from trudging their way to the exposition center and throwing a party for snowed-in fans anyway.

At the party, run by Stephen Amell's winery Nockingpoint Wines, caught Robbie Amell briefly for a chat about his return to The CW's The Flash, this time as a villain.

The thing he's most excited about?

"They finally gave me a cool jacket!" he replied emphatically and with a smile. "I've been waiting for a costume my entire shoot. They were like, 'we need you up there early to custom fit a leather jacket.' It's cool! It's not like the Arrow or Flash suit, or even the Canary suit, but at least I finally got my own leather jacket."

As it turns out, Robbie is a fan of friend BossLogic, whose imagined versions of actors as superheroes we regularly feature, including one of Robbie as Deathstorm.

"Yeah, BossLogic is sick. I started following him on instagram."

But the costume isn't the only thing he's excited about - he has a partner in crime in the episode, as Danielle Panabaker goes villainous as well, as her comic book alter ego Killer Frost.

"Danielle and I, I'm really excited to see her as Killer Frost. She's the sweetest girl ever, and I was really pumped to see that other side of her. She embraced it, she had fun, and we got to do this Bonnie and Clyde thing in the episode, so that was cool," Amell teased.

Of course, later at the Flash panel, it sounds like that team-up doesn't go to well, as he promised the name "Deathstorm" would be true (click the link for the full spoiler-y tease).