Katie Cassidy On Laurel's Future, Getting Back With Oliver, And The Grave


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Katie Cassidy has been an essential part of Team Arrow since the earliest days of the show. Her Laurel Lance has not only dated the Arrow himself but she has risen to show off her own form of heroics and mentored her sister down a similar path.

In preparation for her appearance at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest this past weekend, ComicBook.com had a chance to catch up with the actress burdened with bringing Laurel to life on our TV screens. First, we took a few questions from Twitter and talked about Legends of Tomorrow, but the larger portion of the interview was spent discussing things to come on Arrow. Check it out below.


CB: Do you think we might ever, before the show's end, see Laurel and Oliver get back together?

KC: I don't know. It's television, anything can happen. I definitely think there's space for it, and room for it, if that were to happen. I don't know what would happen to Laurel and Felicity's friendship. I don't know. I have no idea. Again, it's television, and if they decide to go for that, awesome.

During the Arrow/Flash crossover, when you were reading the script for that, this is probably a while back for you, but what was your thought when you got to the script page that just said, 'And now everybody dies'?

I didn't really ... It's funny because, I guess if we weren't shooting ... With the crossover, I was shooting episode 7, 8, 9 and 10, while we were shooting episode 7. So I was actually shooting scenes from four episodes, and so I knew, obviously, that that wasn't the case. I wasn't too worried about it. However, reading the crossover script, I remember reading it and just being like, oh my God, how the hell are we doing to do this? It's huge.

Getting through it ... I think everyone got sick during this, because it takes so much time and energy, and what we do, you can't really explain it to anyone, you kind of have to be it. It's definitely exhausting, but I have to say, 100% fulfilling and well worth it, because the fans love it so much, and obviously, we like to make them happy. It does make our job that much easier, to go in every day knowing that people are responding to it and loving it. We're having so much fun, and the fact that people watch, and have so much fun watching it, it makes it all worth it. Having said that, we're definitely excited when we get through it, and we're back to our normal schedule.

We're like, boom! I don't know how we just did that, but now back to ... It's not as hectic, and not everyone's sick and shooting four episodes all at once. It's all good.

Speaking of that response from people, I'll tell you something. Every time I talk to anybody who's in movies, TV shows, I put out a call for questions on Twitter, and when I put out the call for questions with this interview, I think it was hands-down the biggest response I've ever seen. You guys definitely get that response.

Oh, really? That's awesome. We have an amazing fan base. Most loyal, good fan base. They're comic book fans, and, you know, respect. Awesome.

Agreed. Anyway! In the midseason premiere, Laurel found out about Quentin and Donna’s little romance. What are her thoughts on her father dating someone, let alone Donna Smoak, which, she does find out in tonight's premiere?

I think she's definitely caught off-guard when she sort of walks into it, when she's not expecting it. I also, having said that, believe that she's really happy for her father. As hard as it is to see your father with another woman, who isn't your mother, I think that Laurel is mature enough to handle it, and strong enough to handle it, especially it being Felicity's mother ... Laurel loves Felicity, and they're friends. I think that it's kind of good for her. She's going to see it for what it is, and be supportive of whatever makes her father happy.

Awesome. My two final questions here, what can you tease about the future of Laurel Lance's story line? And do you know who's in the grave?

Well, the thing that I thought was so great about this year, and continue to do so, is that we see Laurel a lot stronger, and along with fighting when she goes out there as The Black Canary, we see her more polished, we see her more ... professional. She's in training, and fighting. I feel as if she's become a lot stronger emotionally as well. I think that continues to go that direction. I feel like she's the backbone for a lot of these characters, and she tries to see the best in people, and she is a strong woman, and I love that. I think that we continue to see more of that. I think you'll see someone come along who you don't necessarily expect Laurel to embrace, and she does. Having said that, that's all I can tell you.


There's a lot of ups and downs. I don't know what's going to happen at the end of the season, but up to where we're at, I think it's cool to see somebody overcome so much, and go through such pain, and to come out the other end.

Cool, cool. And finally, does Katie Cassidy know who's in the grave?

Katie does not know who's in the grave, no.

Oh, wow! They keep you in the dark.

I don't know!

Well, let’s hope it’s not you!

You know, it’s television, but I certainly hope it’s not me either.


Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 PM ET on The CW.

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  1. Thank you for interviewing Katie! I love hearing about her and her character.

    • Harker06
    • 18 Posts in 19 Months

    You know I really like Laurel. I know some people soured on her in season 2, but I think in hindsight it works much better in the context of her series long arc. She starts as this incredibly powerful lawyer and ends up as this powerful vigilante/crime fighter. In both cases she is a very strong character. But in order for that transition from lawyer to vigilante to make sense they had to completely break down her character and her strength, to have her rebuild that strength in a completely different way. And while it can be tough to get through a season of a character at her worst, in hindsight it makes perfect sense for her overall arc.

    • Ashcant
    • 3 Posts in 23 Months

    Thanks so much for the interview!! Can't wait to see who this mystery character Laurel embraces is. I'm guessing it's Oliver's baby mama, which would be an interesting thing to see, especially since Laurel and Oliver were still together at the time. Also, it's kind of crappy if the writers really are keeping the cast in the dark about the death. Someone's about to lose their job, a little advance warning would be nice.

  2. OK how exactly was she "An essential part of Team Arrow" from early on when she didn't discover Oliver's secret or work with Team Arrow at all until late season 2?!

  3. She worked with The Arrow since early Season 1, regardless of knowing his identity or team. So her connections with the SCPD and whatnot were essential to Team Arrow's success throughout the first 2 seasons.

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