New Star Wars: Rogue One Details Rumored, Darth Vader To Play Larger Role

Rogue One A Darth Vader Story


It's been over a month now since Star Wars: The Force Awakens landed in theaters and our appetite for Star Wars is growing stronger and stronger each day.

The next meal we'll get comes in the form of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. However, aside from some rumors here and there, we don't know much about the film aside from its cast and director. Slowly, that is changing. Be warned, there may be mild spoilers for the film ahead as far as character inclusions are concerned.

First of all, Darth Vader has long been rumored to appear in the film which will be set prior to the events of Episode IV. Now, the word is not only will cinema's most iconic villain have a role in the film but one which is larger than anyone originally thought. Specifics are still out of reach.

Additionally, a new Tie Fighter design will be shown off and AT-ATs will be featured in Rogue One. There is also said to be a "scene stealer" droid that works with the rebels, specifically Felicity Jones' group. The droid was originally an Empire droid which was repurposed to serve the rebel alliance. He is two-legged and a dark grey or black color with long arms and legs, looking very different from C-3PO.

Finally, one of the key characters will be named Cashen, but that's all that's known about him or her.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters December 16, 2016.

source: JoBlo

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    Hope they show Vader as the badass he should be by being the one to kill all the rebels after they get the plans to Princess Leia

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    An "Empire droid"? Is it inproper to refer to it as an "Imperial droid" or something? Introducing a new TIE Fighter is the kind of mistakes prequels make that should be a no brainier not to. It stands to reason we have already seen all the Imperial (see what I did there?) Fleet's different types of TIEs. The only way this won't be wrong is if its some kind of prototype that the Rebels destroy it, along with its designs, during the film. Why else would we not have seen it in years that follow?

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