Check Out These Adorable Hellboy Pug Costumes

(Photo: Pupstar Sonoma)

We might never get Ron Perlman back for Hellboy 3, as painful as that sounds. There is a small consolation though: Hellpugs.

The stars of Pupstar Sonoma, Blue, Roxy, and Bono, don the costumes of Mike Mignola's Hellboy, Abe Sapien, and Liz Sherman and show off for the camera. Photographer Philip and costume maker Susan enjoy dressing up their trio as some of pop culture's biggest characters such as the cast of Game of Thrones and the Lord of the Rings.

pug gandalf
(Photo: Pupstar Sonoma)

The Hellpugs have been making rounds Monday afternoon, even getting shared on Mike Mignola's Facebook page that seemed to delight the Hellboy creator.

With the massive block of movies headed to the screen this year, maybe we can see some sort of homage to those down the line. Deadpug, anybody?