Batman V. Superman & Suicide Squad Are 500% Stronger Than Marvel On Social Media

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

With the massive success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, pretty much no one is surprised that poll after poll of moviegoers has shown that while there's strong support for Captain America: Civil War, it's the galaxy far, far away -- not the Marvel Universe -- that's home to Disney's most hotly-anticipated release of 2016.

What's arguably more interesting is a recent analysis of social media traffic, which indicates that DC Entertainment's Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice are performing better than Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse.

Like, much better.

Variety reports that the ListenFirst Digital Audience Ratings -- their proprietary, weekly looks at how upcoming films are performing relative to one another on social media -- indicates that Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad are easily outpacing their Marvel counterparts, generating 500% of the social media traffic that their Disney-owned competitors did at the same time point in their release schedules.

Adjusted for variables like release dates, Batman V Superman is the most talked-about comic book movie of the year, followed by Suicide Squad and then Deadpool.

Last week's unadjusted top five saw Suicide Squad dominating all other movies with a 33,000+ rating, followed at #2 by Neighbors 2 (9,100), then Deadpool (6,400), Batman V Superman (5,600) and Gods of Egypt (4,100).

All of those numbers are rounded to the nearest hundred.

The last Captain America movie, The Winter Soldier, earned about $250 million in the U.S. compared to $290 million for Man of Steel. Neither of those films had the star power of Iron Man appearing in Civil War and Batman facing off with Superman, of course. And while Superman won the domestic head-to-head by a narrow margin, Cap took the global box office matchup by roughly the same amount.

And, as commenters will likely point out, not all of the buzz -- especially around both Batman V Superman and X-Men: Apocalypse -- is entirely good, which may mean that the thing being talked about isn't inherently more popular.

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    • CB100189
    • 218 Posts in 14 Months

    Of course seeing a brand new batman vs superman is more interesting than the 8(?) xmen adventure

    • CB121699
    • 1 Posts in 12 Months


  1. It's batman vs supermna for the first time in live action film together. Of course its bigger. Warner Bros has to be excessive in its marketing campaign, DCEU is new. Yea those flm are gonna have a stronger presence on social media. Marvel doesn't have to worry about marketing that hard. They've existed for nearly a decade and are so ingrained I'm the cultural zeitgeist that pepole treat seeing a marvel film as if it's second nature. Disney hasn't 3ven started marketing civil war yet. No need to because marvel is a cultural mainstay. DCEU is new and needs to garner attention and buzz.

    • DoctorK
    • 27 Posts in 27 Months

    And Batman V Superman is 2 months before Civil War. Of course at the moment I will be very focused on BvS then after that the hype will build for Civil War. Disney will push marketing after BvS trust me.

    • Ryus
    • 378 Posts in 28 Months

    Three fold: 1) Disney hasn't started marketing Captain America Civil War yet, so how does one really adjust for 'release date'? Seems an oxymoronish to me as you can't really adjust for that. 2) They're only counting how often something is talked about, not how often it's talked about positively. About a third of the comments I've seen is fear of Snyder making BvS as bad a MoS. Do they count positively here for BvS? What about frivolous comments by the same fanboy/girl just bombing websites? 3) it barely made more money and was mostly just mediocrely rated, Cap made a bit less but was way better received. So how will this effect the next ones box office? Further what was the cost of each film, profits are what matter a film that makes alot can always still be a financial dud.

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