Geoff Johns: DC Still Has Screen Plans For Titans

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Despite the recent news that Turner has pulled out of the planned Titans TV series, leaving some of DC Comics' most storied characters without a live-action home, DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns is holding out hope that they'll get something done.

"We have plans for Titans," Johns told TVLine. "It’s a huge piece of DC and we have plans,"

He said that while the announcement that TNT wasn't moving foward with the show was a shock to audiences at the Television Critics Assocation this year, DC had known about it for quite a while, and it wasn't a surprise to the people involved.

Currently, the team is appearing in animated form on Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go, while their comic books are getting a bit of an overhaul via the mythology-altering Titans Hunt.

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  1. Give it to CW; they've been doing great recently with their DC shows, not to mention we've got plenty of set-up. Wally West is being set up by The Flash and will probably be Kid Flash soon, Arrow introduced both Roy and Thea so we have Arsenal and Speedy, while HIVE, Brother Blood, and Deathstroke have all appeared while Trigon's been referenced so we have plenty of Titans Big Bads around to reuse (though Blood will need resurrecting; maybe Trigon brings him back?). Meanwhile, we got confirmation that Oracle *exists* in the DCWverse, so using her to introduce Nightwing would work. Maybe have Nightwing, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy introduced throughout a few episodes of Arrow or Flash, then have them be brought together by Raven to stop her dad from attacking this world?

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    I smell a movie their on about? Would be awesome but not if Cyborg isn't in it because of the New52 crap in Justice League.

  2. Yeah I agree except the Cyborg part. If you didn't notice Arrow has been killing off anyone associated with the movies that aren't main characters and needed for the show. I could see the lineup being more grounded with Starfire and Raven. Beast Boy would be a bit difficult and very expensive they may be better off just making a Titans movie and dropping the "Teen" part of the name just to include Cyborg. But if they are going off New 52 rules Cyborg is in the JLA anyway so it wouldn't matter. Plus for all we know Dick Grayson is the dead Robin. I think its gonna be added to the CW lineup down the road but I feel like a movie would be better suited. My lineup I think they should go with would be(idk anything about their contracts) Nightwing,Oracle,Kid Flash,Thea/Speedy,Starfire,Raven. I'd like Roy but I heard Colton has a weird thing going on with his contract or lack of contract so we'll see. But like you said Oracle,Bludhaven,Speedy,Kid Flash all already established as well as a lot of villains.

  3. And too add I'd like to see Jaime Reyes as the Blue Beetle. They've already established Kord Industries. I'd add diversity and CW seems to be trying to do that. Plus he's an awesome character that deserves more of a spotlight

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