Daredevil Alternate Costume Designs Show How Far The Netflix Suit Came

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  1. The all-red one looks cool, though I actually like the final suit they went with. Could do with better lighting and a sharper red, but its still work-in-progress so I'm OK with it.

  2. The red one is beautiful, but the "ears?" make him look like an elf, the rest is good. The other one looks more militar than the final product.

  3. Both of these look better than his actual suit in the show. Hopefully they'll show it evolve over the course of the season. But seriously, his suit is probably the worst thing about the entire show. And that's kind of a compliment, because the show is amazing.

  4. I love the all ready suit...why didn't they use that one...unless it will be a progression to where he winds up with the red suit? I hope they do..and I like the pointed ears also :)

  5. The pointed eared mask is kind of an idea growing on me. I actually liked the mask they went with since it looks like something an actual human would wear, but the more 'demonic' looking mas does fit with Daredevil's demonic inspirations.

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