Second Captain America: Civil War Trailer Released Online

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    • Kaeglin
    • 24 Posts in 18 Months

    So they finally show Spider-Man, and he's on Team Ironman. I'm still Team Cap all the way.

  1. Anyone else getting stuck at the advertisement? I can't past the advertisement. The advertisement is just sitting there... Advertising me with a black screen. I truly do not want to purchase this advertisement's product because of the lack of advertising. Black screens do not appeal to me when advertised.

    • CB132499
    • 6 Posts in 9 Months

    Spider-Mans reveal was underwhelming. Good trailer but the last BvS Trailer was still better to me

  2. minus all the iron man crap and this is a perfect trailer. still need to hear black panther speak but yeah this was amazing, top notch. they even got me excited/interested in spider-man who in general is a take it or leave it character for me and with this being a third iteration, he was definitely a leave it but that was a cool intro. he looks super cg though, very rubbery and not made of cloth or any material i can name. makes him almost animated looking. but holland has his accent and kid voice down lol

  3. Now there's a Spider-Man! The suit looks good and fits Cap's world. Loving the CGI eyes as well. Man....Spidey and Black Panther in one film. Too much awesomeness.

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